Newcomer to silk fly fishing

This board is for discussing concerns of fishing bamboo fly rods. Examples would be, lines, actions, classic and modern makers actions and the like.

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Re: Newcomer to silk fly fishing


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Godfroy wrote:
04/09/24 12:49
When I am fishing with plastic lines I use Otter Butter on my furled leaders. Paul.
Otter Butter will also keep the tip floating on a plastic line - most need the help. Many times I’ve had a greased furled leader dragged down by a sinking plastic floating line tip. The problem with the tips on plastic lines is the level or even-thickness core, which has a specific gravity lower than 1, isn’t sufficiently floated by the thinner-diameter plastic coating (with specific gravity less than 1) in the tip. So it’s otter butter, and archimedes, to the rescue.


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