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Don’t use waterproof marker - use black India ink or a rotring drafting pen. And write on top of the PU finish. I seal the writing with spar varnish, at the same time as varnishing the wraps. Or put the writing under white silk wraps that you soak with heavily thinned varnish, to get a transparent wrap - I do that with the ‘scrim’ wrap on the female bamboo ferrule (tip section) where I put the rod’s serial number under that wrap. If I do things right and the wrap truly turns out transparent, the writing underneath is as legible as if the wraps weren’t there.

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Dave in Maine wrote:
Beautiful rod.
Could you please explain the concept and process for using Gorilla Glue instead of varnish for the finish?

Proof Fly Fishing has included my 2010 article on finishing with Gorilla Glue in the tutorials ( I still do pretty much the same as in the article.

As for the problem of rod signatures polishing off, I have suggested in the past that ZIG Millennium pens are good because the pigmented ink does not stand proud of the surface after drying (it must dry thoroughly). In other words it does not make a raised bump so, when overcoated, does not polish off so easily.

I avoid the problem on my own rods by scrimshawing the signature in. Ink in the scrimshaw scratches and sealed in with Gorilla Glue. A nuisance, but, hey, I do this for fun.


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