**** Before You Ask For An Appraisal *****

This is the board to ask about the identity, or for an appraisal, of a rod. Please use the outline as explained on the board. If there is a makers name, list that in the subject line. Make sure you include the length, number of sections, any identifying markings and the general condition. Adding photographs is always helpful!

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**** Before You Ask For An Appraisal *****


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Before you ask for an appraisal, please first look through past postings. We have appraised about 200 different rods in the past, please check those first. If you do not find your rod listed, then please read what information is needed to give an accurate appraisal. ( Please include the Makers Name and Model In the Subject Line) Thanks Clark

If you wish to get any kind of response from contributing members of this forum, you need to
include this information to the best of your ablility.
(1)The length of the rod when assembled
(2)the number of pieces that make up the rod
(3)if it comes with a second tip
(4)are all the rod sections the same length
(5)general condition use the conditon grading system listed below
(6)any information that is writen on the rod or stamped in the reel seat
(7)if it comes in a labeled bag and tube.
(8) Photos are a must.... directions available in the "Technical Support" topic.
I wish to thank all those that contribute their knowledge to this forum, it has saved me hours of
answering questions about rods. I would like to admit, that I have learned a few things from the
various posts.

**** Before you post a request for information, read through this board. Your request might have
been answered in a previous post. When you post your queston, if the rod is marked, include
that in the subject line. It helps others and those that will respond to your request for
information. Include a thank you, and do not expect someone to email you the answer, thats
what the forum was designed for. To share information.****

10 (NIT) New-in-tube, Unused with original tube/bag or form.

9 (M) Mint, Unused without original tube/bag or form.

8 (EXC) Excellent, Very minor flaws in finish, over-all condition excellent.

6-7(VG) Very good, Finish showing wear, no missing parts.

4-5(G) Good, Minor physical problems, finish has varnish chips, or varnish has gone soft. Minor
parts missing

2-3(F) Fair, Major physical problems, such as cane separation, or a short tip.

1(P) Poor, A parts rod.

One of the reasons that I started this forum, was so I would not have to spend so much time
answering the same questions over and over again. People could look through the forum, and
find answers concerning similar rods. This has not worked for those owning, and requesting
information about Japanese rods. For the last time, Japanese rods were made by the millions,
they are worth about $75-$100 in excellent condition. They make excellent display pieces, but
are not great fishing instruments. Most of them came in wooden boxes, and they were
combination rods, meaning they came with two fly tips and a bait/spinning rod tip.
(I will delete any more postings requesting information about Japanese rods made from
1945-1965.) This is not to say that modern Japanese rodmakers do not make
excellent rods. The examples I have seen, are equal to any rods being made worldwide.

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