Dating my E.F. Payne Rod

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Dating my E.F. Payne Rod


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Several years back my step father passed away and one of the things he left me was an old bamboo fly rod. I am an avid fisherman, but have never fly fished. Remembering I had his old rod, I took it out in hopes of learning to fly fish soon. I then spent some time looking online doing some research trying to figure out the model of it. There are no numbers anywhere on the rod and the only thing is at the base of the rod it says
EF Payne
EF Payne Rod Co
It is extremely worn out, and took me an hour before I even noticed it. I remember my dad telling me about buying it when he lived in Upstate NY many years ago, but I cant remember any other details. Any one have an idea on what model and how old it may be? It is a 9' rod and here are a few pictures of it.



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Re: Dating my E.F. Payne Rod


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Looking at your photos your rod appears to be a light colored Payne which was the hallmark of Ed (EF Payne) Payne the founder. His son Jim Payne used this stamping and continued to offer the light colored shaft until CA 1928 when his warm brown toned shaft became his hallmark. The best I can give you for an answer is it would be from 1928 or earlier, regards.

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