Payne Baitcasting Rod

History of the E.F. Payne Rod Co. Feel free to discuss Payne Rods here.

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Payne Baitcasting Rod


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Hello. New here. Came across this forum while looking for info on a few Payne rods. I currently have someone selling a few rods for me but we've been stumped on one in particular. I'm not looking for value but any other info someone might be able to give. From reading through the forum I have found that there's a lot of knowledge here.

This rod is a Payne bamboo baitcasting rod. I have seen tons of fly rods but very few baitcasting. I only have one picture. Since the rod is now with the person selling it, I don't have access to take more pictures but I could probably have him send some. I hope I'm not imposing. I would just love to be able to find some info. Thanks in advance.


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